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Our Products

Since the 1920s, engineers from a diverse range of industries have come to Hitran for highest-quality custom transformers and inductors. With a passion for technology and a team that stays ahead of the curve, Hitran always has a solution that will meet your needs. All products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, UL and cUL standards. No matter your requirement, Hitran has a solution that will work to meet your specifications.


Inductors, Chokes, Reactors & Filters

Although the names are typically used interchangeably, there are distinct differences for specific applications. All are types of inductors, which are used in electrical systems to introduce inductance into a circuit to prevent changes to the current.

  • Chokes are used to block or “choke” higher frequency alternating current (AC) while allowing the passing of lower frequency alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC).

  • Reactors are used to protect equipment by limiting electrical transients, harmonics, and short circuit currents by introducing inductive reactance into a high current AC power line or load circuit to increase its impedance.

  • Filters are used to lower or eliminate harmonics in a circuit to a level that sensitive equipment can withstand.

Inductor Types

  • Iron Core Inductors

  • Air Core Inductors

  • AC Line Reactors

  • AC Load Reactors

  • Current Limiting Reactors

  • DC Links

  • DC Filter Chokes

  • Harmonic Filters

Come for the Engineering, Stay for the Service!

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