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Our Products

Since the 1920s, engineers from a diverse range of industries have come to Hitran for highest-quality custom transformers and inductors. With a passion for technology and a team that stays ahead of the curve, Hitran always has a solution that will meet your needs. All products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, UL and cUL standards. No matter your requirement, Hitran has a solution that will work to meet your specifications.

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Dry Type Transformers

Transformers are essential in the transmission, distribution of AC power. They are used to change or “transform” AC voltage from one circuit to another circuit and are commonly referred to as step-up or step-down depending on if they are being used to increase or decrease the voltage. There are a wide range of styles and sizes of transformers available.

Hitran’s capabilities are as follows:

  • Low voltage – 600V or less

  • Medium Voltage – Greater than 600V to 15,000V (15kV)

  • Under 1 kVA up to 11,000 kVA (11MVA)

  • All Dry-type VPI

  • DOE 2016 efficiency compliance

  • 1-3 Phase – Frequencies 0 to 400Hz

  • Copper or Aluminum windings

  • Multiple phase-shifted secondaries

  • K factor of K0 to K20

Transformer Types

  • General Purpose

  • Control Power

  • Drive Isolation

  • Auto

  • Grounding

  • Zig-zag

  • Buck-boost

  • Motor starter

  • Scott-T

  • Interphase

  • Rectifier

Come for the Engineering, Stay for the Service!

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