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Custom Magnetics
for Your Market

Overview of Markets

No matter your application, Hitran has a solution to your magnetics needs. We pride ourselves in working across a diverse range of industries to design and build what you need for your specific applications. Some of our key market segments and applications are listed below.

New York City
Industrial Drill

Motor Drives & Automation Equipment

Over the past decades, Hitran has become the foremost expert in transformer and inductor requirements for use with variable frequency drives and other equipment used in automation. These markets require stringent specifications to ensure that your process continues to run efficiently and effectively. Through working with the world’s largest equipment manufacturers, Hitran has designed product specifications that surpass anything else offered.

Power Distribution Units, Microgrids, & Alternative Energy

In an everchanging world, the need to generate, store and distribute electricity is constantly evolving. The requirements for each of these areas is very specific and Hitran has vast experience working with customers to develop a solution to their needs. Whether it is power storage for “the cloud” or generating and distributing power created by wind or solar, we have the knowledge and experience to help design and build the right products for your application.

Solar Panels
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Transportation Industry

In the air, on the water, on a rail or on the road, Hitran has solutions to meet your electrical requirements. Hitran has continued to stay at the forefront of technology as there has been continued enhancements in transportation demands and styles. From the electrification of rail cars to charging electric vehicles, Hitran has been there to solve customer needs.

Oil and Gas Industry

Whether it is exploration, extraction or refining of petroleum products, the need for high quality products is imperative. Hitran has proven over time that we are the right choice to withstand the harsh environments associated with this industry and ensure that you stay up and running.

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