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Custom Magnetics Solutions Since 1924
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Quality solutions for your magnetics needs!

Hitran Corporation has long been recognized for its quality products and services.


With our commitment to excellence and Continuous Improvement, we build value and more importantly quality and reliability into every product we design and manufacture.

Our Products

At Hitran, we offer superior quality and flexibility in a full range of standard and custom/specialty products. We are committed to ensuring that each product delivered will meet your expectations. Our engineers work with specialized software to verify designs. We possess a library of over 10,000 designs which can be accessed to enhance our ability to work with your custom requirements.

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Ready to find out more?

At Hitran, we have a long history of delivering custom magnetic transformers and inductors to clients worldwide. We take pride in designing solutions to your most complex requirements, and with a team of talented engineers and strict testing standards, you get exactly what you need – every time.

Custom Magnetics

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A wide variety of product solutions that are designed and manufactured to help meet the specific needs of the application.

General Purpose

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Low voltage and medium voltage transformers designed to exceed all efficiency standards and deliver the power that you need.


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Whether it is a reactor, choke, filter or anything else that you need to help control the current flow, Hitran has the answer.

Motor Drive Transformers


Energy efficient and rugged enough to withstand the severe electrical and mechanical conditions associated with motor drives.

Proudly Certified:
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